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About Rachel Clark

Melbourne based, self-taught Singer-Songwriter, Rachel Clark delivers a heartfelt and intimate combination of music and story-telling with a vibe of sultry and soulful acoustic folk. In bare-all honesty, she shares an introspective narrative on loss, love and the battles we fight. 

Born in Brisbane, Rachel learned the art of performing while photographing predominately talented local Blues & Jazz Musicians (& their hands!). This developed an array of styles into her musical arsenal allowing her to deliver a captivating and emotional experience on stage.

​In 2012, she ventured from the warmth of the Gold Coast to brave Melbourne's weather to focus on performing, and growing, as a solo artist. 

After a 2-year adventure in rural NSW, Rachel is back in Melbourne with a whole new set of stories to make you laugh and cry. 

She is currently in the process of creating her second Album; "Howling at the Moon" which is scheduled to be recorded November 2019.

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